Find Your Fleet

At Wing, we’re aviators first and brokers second. This sharpens our perspective and approach to purchasing and selling aircraft for our clients, as we bring a more meaningful degree of empathy and expertise to the table. We have operated the aircraft we’re brokering firsthand and can advise you accordingly. Plus, we’re looking farther down the runway than the nearest commission.

Whether you are considering the purchase of your first aircraft or wish to upgrade your fleet, you can rely on our market intelligence, technical knowledge, and regulatory expertise to find the right plane for your needs—or your potential buyer’s. We combine decades of experience with a wide network of industry connections to facilitate informed, strategically sound purchase and sales decisions.

For Sale

1998 Hawker 800XP (258362) available for sale immediately.

For Sale

2000 Gulfstream G200 (024) available for sale immediately.


Check out our exclusive white paper from aviation law experts COATS & EVANS. This white paper identifies factors that can make a significant difference between a smooth, uneventful and productive transactional experience, versus those that seem to take on a life of their own due to unnecessary and avoidable drama and complexity. This reading is beneficial to aircraft buyers, sellers, and practitioners who handle aviation transactional work, as well as those who be only occasionally be involved in aviation transactional matters.




We'll get to know you and your needs, then develop a flight profile that details your requests and requirements. Based on this flight profile your acquisition time frame, and how your aircraft will be utilized (e.g. for charter), we'll identify those aircraft features and cabin amenities that best satisfy your needs, then target new or pre-owned models that are potential match.


Financial Planning

Next, we will help determine ownership structure, present forecasted operational costs, and guide you through the costs of acquisition, including escrow fees. We'll offer strategies for navigating complex federal and state tax challenges and provide in-house financing if needed


Search + Locate

We'll leverage our network of clients and industry contacts to conduct a domestic and international search. Once we've identified on-and/or off-market opportunities, we will present you with an in-depth report of your options. Based on your decision, we'll award letters of Intent and coordinate with legal counsel on purchase agreement.


Pre- Buy + Closing

Inspection time: our team will select the best pre-buy facility and define the work scope, timeline, and terms. An assigned Maintenance Representative (AMR) will be onsite to supervise the inspections, coordinate necessary repairs, and negotiate final concessions.


Entry into Service

Once the title is transferred, we will obtain FAA RSVM Authority, then hire and train your crew. We'll initiate hangar and fueling arrangements, establish the warranty and parts program, and arrange subscription services, completions, and upgrades. Once the title arrangements are finalized, we'll coordinate delivery and first flight instructions.


Ongoing Optimization

We'll Maintain your aircraft well above Part 135 requirements, keeping both its records and appearance in impeccable condition to increase relative market value; we will also recommend timely improvements or upgrades based on our Return on Investment analysis. If desired, we'll develop a charter profile with specific trip parameters to help you generate maximum charter revenue without compromising your schedule or the value of the aircraft.




When you're ready to sell your aircraft, we'll schedule a meeting to discuss your needs, goals, and desired timeframe. We'll conduct a full market analysis, provide a clear assessment of the value of your aircraft, and put together a strategy for selling the asset.


Active Marketing

We will develop a follow-up protocol to market your plane, utilizing various external services to reach both potential buyers and brokers. We'll create promotional materials like teaser flyers and e-blasts, feature your aircraft on high-traffic listing sites, and run print advertisements in various industry-leading publications.



In this lead generation stage, we will build a comprehensive listing package that overviews the pre-buy specifications that any qualified buyer will demand to see, including the Aircraft Records & Condition survey, documentation on recent maintenance, upgrade history, detailed imagery, and more. We will collect and report all sales activity to you on a monthly basis.


Pre-Buy + Closing

Once we identify a potential buyer and agree on preliminary purchasing details, we'll prepare the aircraft for the showing and pre-buy inspections. Our experienced maintenance team will walk the buyer and his broker or agent through any and every service detail and documentation to ensure their complete confidence and satisfaction with the aircraft.