It Takes a well-oiled machine to run
a fleet of well-oiled machines

The right people make all the difference...and the right balance of experience and expertise must extend beyond the cockpit and into every facet of our organization, which is why our tight-knit team of talent—as attuned to the preferences of our guests as the inner whirrings of a jet engine—keep Wing flying higher.

Through rigorous, recurrent training and a reputation that attracts the industry’s best and brightest, we are able to ensure the supremacy of our operations, the safety of every individual, and the satisfaction of our employees and guests alike.

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+ Competitive Salaries

+ Medical, Dental, Vision Insurance

+ Voluntary Group Universal Life Insurance

+ Short / Long Term Disability Insurance

+ Flexible Spending Account

+ Family Medical Leave Program (FMLA)

+ 401K Plan

+ Paid Vacation, Sick Time & Personal Time

+ Open-Door Policy across all levels


We invest in the best talent, and then we push that talent even harder. All of our pilots—co-pilots too—are trained to a captain-level standard. To retain their exacting level of knowledge and safety expertise, our captains are groomed every six months. Because their schedules can be grueling, we also make sure to provide them the rest and resources necessary to keep their quality of life—and thus quality of performance—at its highest. We care about our pilots’ health and career advancement, and we have a pile of applications to prove it.