It takes a well-oiled machine to run a fleet of well-oiled machines

The right people make all the difference. Across our organization, our tight-knit team remains as attuned to the preferences of our guests as the inner whirrings of a jet engine—and they’re supported by Wing all along the way.

Through recurrent training and a reputation that attracts the industry’s best and brightest, we fly higher together, ensuring the supremacy of our operations and the satisfaction of our employees and guests alike. In addition to competitive pay and a culture centered around the safety of all, working with Wing provides opportunities to make upward or lateral moves to a desired aircraft. No matter where you land in our diverse fleet, we remain committed to secure travel and personal growth—for the long haul.

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Sky-high standards apply to every part of what we do. Here are just a few things we offer when you work at Wing.

Comprehensive Compensation Package

+ Competitive Salary

+ 401k Plan 100% Vested from Day 1

+ Position-Specific Sign-On Bonus

+ Paid Vacation, Sick Time, and Personal Time

+ Flexibility on Travel Accommodations

+ Generous Per-Diem Rates

+ Other Additional Perks

Insurance and Leave

+ Medical, Dental, and Vision Insurance

+ Voluntary Group Universal Life Insurance

+ Short- and Long-Term Disability Insurance

+ Flexible Spending Account

+ Family Medical Leave Program (FMLA)

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Safety is our foremost priority, more than a series of checkboxes. It’s a mindset. A culture. A promise. And it is only assured when all systems are communicating clearly. This includes, most importantly, the communication between people. We have zero tolerance for ambiguity. And zero time for mediocrity. Click here to learn more about our Safety Culture.