The recent ARGUS PRISM Operational Safety Assessment Survey conducted anonymously shows management team’s commitment on safety, while assuring confidence in work environment. 

ARGUS Safety SurveyThe annual survey evaluates various key points; including opportunities for improvement, clarify performance metrics, evaluate your oversight processes and assess conformance with industry safety standards. All ‘Wingmen + Women’ anonymously responded to a list of 25 questions to assess Wing Aviation’s safety mindset in November 2023. The survey was designed to measure employee perception across several distinct safety and culture markers, and to measure the strength, effectiveness or weaknesses of the Wing Aviation Safety Culture based on:

• Management Commitment
• Communication
• Priority of Safety
• Safety Rules
• Work Environment
• Management Style
• Managing Change

 As per ARGUS, participation to the Wing Aviation Safety Culture survey was higher than industry standards.

 “19 of the 25 questions in 2023 scored the same or better than in 2022… and all of the questions still scored as effective or as a strength.”

Dan Scalan, Director of Safety & Quality stated: “Wing Aviation staff are the reason for our high safety culture metrics. As a part of our ‘All Clear’ company motto, every Wing employee has the  authority and responsibility to create a safe working environment.” 

 Wing Aviation is one of only a few Part 135 air charter operators in the United States to achieve ARGUS Platinum Rating along with IS-BAO Stage III registration. These aviation safety auditing standards are the most widely recognized confirmation of quality for aircraft operations.

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