Wing Aviation's Electronic Flight Bag

Our Electronic Flight Bag (EFB) certification from the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) has recently been approved. This new process will eliminate the need for paper charts and helps to digitize several manual processes on Part 135 flights. With this approval, Wing Aviation will operate at the highest  level of safety modern technology allows in a streamlined, efficient fashion. The EFB approval allows the Wing Aviation pilots to utilize digital en route and  approach charts, as well as paperless versions of general operating manuals and minimum equipment lists, which are all stored and referenced through  the Apple iPad interface. Twelve volumes of paper charts will now be replaced by a single application. About 40 lbs. of paper have been reduced to 1.35  lbs. device; saving the weight ultimately saves fuel. It's also easier for pilots to search and update manuals with a few screen taps, increasing accuracy  and productivity.

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