From On-Demand Charter to Jet Card, we offer a suite of options for private jet travel.

Your Timetable, Our Pleasure

Wing’s transcontinental fleet is primed for a wide range of on-demand travel, from that corporate day trip to Dayton to your golf retreat in Glasgow. For business or pleasure, we offer service on standby to help you select the perfect aircraft for your needs and arrange every detail to your liking. We offer access to thousands of airports worldwide, allowing you to pinpoint the closest arrival possible to your final destination. We also enforce a strict confidentiality policy so that you may enjoy a safer, more secure environment for private meetings and conversation.

We are proud to manage one of the largest and most exclusive Private Jet Charter Fleets under Certificate in the Central United States - offering you unmatched amenities and a proven safety record. If one of these jets isn't right for your specific needs, we'll find you one that is through our partner network. Please contact us for your specific needs.


Ascend is a brand-new Private Aviation Program to provide you jet travel on a guaranteed basis – guaranteed availability, guaranteed hourly rates, and guaranteed safety standards. Enjoy all-inclusive pricing, streamlined booking, transparent account processing, and interchangeable charter hours with no long-term commitments required.