Wing Aviation’s Electronic Flight Bag

FlightBag2The Apple iPad has rapidly become the industry standard in Electronic Flight Bag (EFB) technology. Most major industry players, including airline and  corporate departments, have shown intent or are working towards gaining iPad approval for use in the cockpit. At Wing Aviation, we have been working  hard to stay at the leading edge of this revolutionary industry change. Wing Aviation began its iPad process designs in June 2012. The stringent rules  under which we operate require careful planning of new systems. With the wealth of aviation-related applications available, we considered the best ways  to enhance safety and efficiency in the flight deck. Utilizing the iPad allows us to eliminate the vast number of paper manuals that our pilots must carry on  every flight. Twelve volumes of paper charts will now be replaced by a single application. About 40 lbs. of paper have been reduced to 1.35 lbs. device.  Saving the weight ultimately saves fuel, money and pilots’ backs! It’s also easier for pilots to search and update manuals with a few screen  taps,   increasing accuracy and productivity. With FAA’s pending approval granted, Wing Aviation will operate at the highest level of safety modern technology  allows in a streamlined, efficient fashion; and we’ll save a lot of trees in the process.