Wing Aviation is a boutique operation with broad reach and sound backing, and operating a world-class crew and a safety program second to none.

Since 2002, Wing has served discerning clients worldwide with a comprehensive array of aviation services that encompass aircraft charter, management and brokerage. We act as both consultant and concierge for our guests, tailoring the right mix of services and hospitality for each of our clients to maximize their time, their investment, and the sheer joys of flying private, whether for business or for leisure. We are a boutique operation with broad reach and sound backing, and we operate with a world-class crew and a safety program second to none.


These two critical words command our every flight. “All clear” is a checkpoint for our team and a promise to our guests. By demanding transparency and precision in all areas of operation—from cockpit to cabin, management to maintenance—we assure our passengers confidence, clarity and control over their entire aviation experience.


When it comes to business aviation, few companies can offer a complete solution.

That’s why there’s Wing.




You’re here for many reasons. To save time. To travel more securely. To enjoy a greater degree of freedom, privacy and privilege than any commercial airline can offer. But with all the ease and efficiency private aviation affords you, managing the day-to-day operations of owning an aircraft can wreak havoc on the sanity you’re here to preserve. This is where we excel.



Our transcontinental fleet is primed for a wide range of on-demand travel, from that corporate day trip to Dayton to your golf retreat in Glasgow. For business or pleasure, we offer service on standby to help you select the perfect aircraft for your needs and arrange every detail to your liking. We offer access to thousands of airports worldwide, allowing you to pinpoint the closest arrival possible to your final destination. We also enforce a strict confidentiality policy so that you may enjoy a safer, more secure environment for private meetings and conversation.



Whether you are considering the purchase of your first aircraft or wish to upgrade your fleet, you can rely on our market intelligence, technical knowledge, and regulatory expertise to find the right plane for your needs—or your potential buyer’s. We combine decades of experience with a wide network of industry connections to facilitate informed, strategically sound purchase and sales decisions.