Safety is our top priority as air charter operators. We implement safety criteria systematically, measure persistently, evaluate holistically, and refine obsessively. We implement safety criteria systematically, measure persistently, evaluate holistically, and refine obsessively.

The result? Our first priority is second nature.


Safety is more than a series of checkboxes.

It’s a mindset. A culture. A promise. And it is only assured when all systems are communicating clearly. This includes, most importantly, the communication between people. We have zero tolerance for ambiguity. And zero time for mediocrity.

It should go without saying that safety is our foremost priority.

But when it comes to your protection, we never hesitate to repeat ourselves. Our entire company is built around a top-down culture of safety that expects and encourages clear, open dialogue and constant innovation, empowering every team member to be an active contributor to the welfare of our passengers.

All flight crews are licensed and seasoned aviation professionals who undergo intensive screening and rigorous training twice yearly. Our maintenance experts follow stringent FAA guidelines in tandem with our own additional Wing criteria; furthermore, we utilize only FAA-certified technicians to ensure that all aircraft are meticulously serviced and maintained to manufacturer specifications.

Worth our weight in platinum.

Using Wing’s sophisticated Safety Management System (SMS), we reduce risk to a level that is as low as is reasonably practicable throughout every aspect of operations, and we prepare for all contingencies. We utilize state-of-the art tech, yet always rely on our instincts. We perform both routine and random testing. We implement criteria systematically, measure persistently, evaluate holistically, and refine obsessively. And our efforts have been rewarded by the most prestigious auditors in the industry.

Wing is one of only a few Part 135 air charter operators in the United States to achieve IS-BAO Stage III registration,  WYVERN Wingman along with the ARG/US Platinum Rating. These aviation safety auditing standards are the most widely recognized confirmation of quality for aircraft operations.


It takes a well-oiled machine to run a fleet of well-oiled machines.

The right people make all the difference...and the right balance of experience and expertise must extend beyond the cockpit and into every facet of our organization, which is why our tight-knit team of talent—as attuned to the preferences of our guests as the inner whirrings of a jet engine—keep Wing flying higher. 

Through rigorous, recurrent training and a reputation that attracts the industry’s best and brightest, we are able to ensure the supremacy of our operations, the safety of every individual, and the satisfaction of our employees and guests alike.

Happy pilots make better pilots, and better pilots make happy guests.

We invest in the best talent, and then we push that talent even harder. All of our pilots—co-pilots too—are trained to a captain-level standard. To retain their exacting level of knowledge and safety expertise, our captains are groomed every six months. Because their schedules can be grueling, we also make sure to provide them the rest and resources necessary to keep their quality of life—and thus quality of performance—at its highest.

We care about our pilots’ health and career advancement, and we have a pile of applications to prove it. Wing pilots tend to stick around longer, which boosts morale, enhances the pilot-guest relationship, and reduces the long, costly process of hiring and training new pilots—so you receive better value, along with the highly skilled pilot commanding your aircraft.

Pilot Requirements

  • Dependable Practices - We do not rely on contract pilots.
  • Higher Hiring - By hiring our pilots as crew, they must meet more stringent requirements.
  • Recurrent Training - All captains undergo simulator training twice annually.
  • Specialty Pilots - A “jack of all trades” approach doesn’t fly with us.


These two critical words command our every flight.

“All clear” is a checkpoint for our team and a promise to our guests. By demanding transparency and precision in all areas of operation—from cockpit to cabin, management to maintenance—we assure our passengers confidence, clarity, and control over their entire aviation experience.If we can’t answer “all clear?” with an affirmative, we’re not doing our job or taking the best care of our clients.

Clarity, Confidence, Control - All Clear

Confidence. Clarity. Control.
FAA Part 135 AOC # Y9PA069X

ARGUS Wyvern Wingman IS BAO
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