You’re here for many reasons. To save time. To travel more securely. To enjoy more freedom, privacy, and convenience than any commercial airline can offer. But with all the ease and efficiency private aviation affords you, managing the day-to-day operations of owning an aircraft can wreak havoc on the sanity you’re here to preserve.

This is where we excel.

Aircraft Management Services & Capabilities

We take your safety and the management of your aircraft as seriously as if our own family were aboard. Entrust Wing with your business and you get more than plane and pilot: you get a partner, protecting your asset at every turn, ensuring each flight is worry - and hassle-free.

Wing offers around-the-clock global support to maintain your aircraft and maximize your personal utilization of it. We tailor services that meet your specific goals and requirements, and we get to know you along the way so that we can anticipate your needs even more effectively.

01 24/7 Travel Management

Part concierge, part conductor, part superhero, our Owner Services liaisons will be responsible for all your scheduling needs, from dispatch to doorman.

02 Aircraft Maintenance & Record Keeping

Though we appreciate the importance of plush interiors, the most significant value of your aircraft is in its maintenance records and history - and that’s our core focus. Whether routine care or unscheduled upkeep, we’ll handle the detailed demands of a well-maintained aircraft.

03 Life Cycle Consultation & Monitoring

We’ll monitor your aircraft throughout its life cycle, identifying smart opportunities for enhancements that minimize depreciation.

04 Fuel & Hangar Operations

Our affiliate, Galaxy FBO, provides home-based advantages in Texas. Our combined procurement power allows us to pass along extensive cost savings and deep discounts abroad.

05 Regulatory Compliance

Conformity goes beyond onboarding for us at Wing. It demands ongoing attention. We not only follow - we exceed - all the rules, regulations, and criteria put forth and evaluated by the industry legions of acronym-ed experts.

06 Crew Recruitment & Training

Finding and retaining experienced, accomplished professionals with a positive attitude and genuine passion for aviation is a full-time job. Wing offers dedicated resources to manage hiring, onboarding, and continued education for the best talent out there for your needs.

07 Insurance & Subscriptions

Wing’s significant size allows us to offer economy of scale on recurring operating expenses.

08 Charter Advisory & Coordination

Our high standards, impeccable safety record, and extensive industry contacts will allow you to utilize your aircraft to its peak revenue potential.

Data-Driven Approach

All Details at Your Fingertips

To ensure you fly high for the long haul, we track every aspect of your aircraft’s operations. From interior and exterior conditions and fuel expenses to maintenance needs and utilization schedules, each data point informs in-depth projections that allow us to better serve you both on the ground and in the air.

Operational Intelligence

As a business aviation expert, your Wing analyst interprets data, identifies and capitalizes on trends, and makes recommendations that will maximize efficiencies—while lowering costs to you.

Budgeting, forecasting, and key performance indicators provide the foundation for the year’s operations. Each month, you’ll receive a financial summary that measures against goals leading up to your year-to-date profit and loss statement.

Powerful Owner Portal

Our proprietary Owner’s Portal puts detailed and transparent reporting on your aircraft utilization and charter revenue at your fingertips. Easy access to digital dashboard reports will empower you to fully control and monitor your asset and keep in touch with the Wing team.

Data-Driven Approach
Custom Aircraft Management Solutions

Custom Aircraft Management Solutions

You likely have neither the time nor the technical resources to navigate the ever-changing nuances of air regulations, to scrutinize the value benefits of charter, or to maintain your aircraft to impeccable standards. That’s what we’re here for: to handle all the details of aircraft ownership so you don’t have to.

We believe every jet, passenger, and owner is unique. We have the experience and resources to tailor a jet management solution that best suits your needs. Our relationship can be as simple as regulatory oversight, or you can select how we support your existing flight operations under our robust FAA certificate.

If you already have a preferred flight crew or maintenance team that you’d like to continue working with, we’ll get them up to speed on our tools and procedures to ensure safe, unified operations.

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