With all the ease and efficiency private aviation affords you, managing the day-to-day operations of owning an aircraft can wreak havoc on the sanity you’re here to preserve.

This is where we excel


Let our world-class management team handle all the details of aircraft ownership. You likely possess neither the time nor the technical resources to navigate the ever-changing nuances of air regulations, to scrutinize the value benefits of charter now or not so much, to maintain your aircraft so that it’s at an impeccable state of air-worthiness whenever you want it. Nor should you—that’s what we’re here for.

Wing provides comprehensive, 24-7 global support to manage and maximize the value of your investment. We custom tailor the services that meet your specific goals and requirements, and we get to know you along the way so that we can do an even better job of anticipating your needs throughout our relationship.

We’ll monitor your aircraft throughout its lifecycle, identifying smart opportunities for upgrades as well as enhancements that minimize depreciation. We’ll also work with you to generate the right amount of charter, should that be an option you’re considering.

We take your safety and the responsibility of managing your aircraft as seriously as if our own family were aboard. Entrust Wing with your business and you get more than plane and pilot—you get a partner, protecting your asset at every turn, ensuring each flight is worry- and hassle-free.

+ 24/7 Travel Management

+ Maintenance & Record Keeping

+ Life Cycle Consultation & Monitoring

+ Fuel & Hangar Operations

+ Regulatory Compliance

+ Crew Recruitment & Training

+ Insurance & Subscriptions

+ Charter Advisory & Coordination


These two critical words command our every flight. “All clear” is a checkpoint for our team and a promise to our guests. By demanding transparency and precision in all areas of operation—from cockpit to cabin, management to maintenance—we assure our passengers confidence, clarity and control over their entire aviation experience.



We promise to be clear, direct, and totally transparent in all that we do. As vigilant protectors of our passengers’ time, trust, and resources, our aim is to simplify and streamline every aspect of your experience. No comfort is more luxurious than peace of mind.


Our “All Clear” approach differentiates us most notably in the finance department, where many providers are reticent to reveal the inner workings of their operation.


Every guest is different—so are their needs. We operate a fleet of over thirty private aircraft, and not one of the contracts or invoices for these jets is the same.


Other providers will often charge a lower management fee on the front end, then tack on marked-up expenses for fuel, training, salaries, et cetera. At Wing, what you pay up front is what you pay, period.


We serve our clients as one leader to another—experts in our profession who appreciate the value of honesty, efficiency, and top-tier treatment. Our advisors are available whenever you need them.

Economy of Scale and a Surplus of Service

If Goldilocks were chartering a private jet, we like to think Wing is the size she’d deem “just right.” Operating one of the largest private fleets in USA—our clients aren’t the only ones who value Wing’s efficient structure. Several of the behemoth fractional operators frequently rely on Wing as a supplemental provider. Our robust capabilities, resources, and nimbleness equip us to respond to the demands of this type of intra-industry collaboration. For our managed clients, we are able to leverage the size of our fleet and the strength of our vendor relationships to negotiate significant discounts on fuel, insurance, crew training, and maintenance. We offer a perfect balance of buying power and bare-bones personal service, and we wouldn’t have it any other way for our guests.


We believe every jet, passenger, and owner is unique. We have the experience and resources to tailor a management solution that best suits your needs. Our relationship can be as simple as regulatory oversight, or you can select how we support your existing flight operations under our robust FAA certificate. If you already have a preferred flight crew or maintenance team that you’d like to continue working with, we’ll get them up to speed on our tools and procedures to ensure safe, unified operations. Federal Aviation Regulation Part 135 adds a robust safety layer around your flight operations but adds additional expense. These costs can be offset by charter revenue and the savings from the Federal Excise Tax (FET) and state property tax. Good thing we’re experts at figuring out the right equation to maximize savings. It’s one of the many ways we customize our services to meet your needs.


Entrusting Wing with the management of your aircraft relieves you of the operational responsibilities of ownership, while also opening avenues to potential revenue.