Aircraft Management

You’re here for many reasons. To save time. To travel more securely. To enjoy a greater degree of freedom, privacy and privilege than any commercial airline can offer.

Optimize Your Aircraft Ownership

But with all the ease and efficiency private aviation affords you, managing the day-to-day operations of owning an aircraft can wreak havoc on the sanity you’re here to preserve. This is where we excel as your private aviation company.

The Private Aviation Company With a Total Approach

  • 24/7 Travel Management
  • Continued Maintenance
  • Fuel and Hangar Operations
  • Regulatory Compliance
  • Pilot Training and Personnel Management
  • Scheduling, Administration and Insurance
  • Lifecycle Consultation and Monitoring
  • Charter Advisory and Coordination

Aircraft Charter

Chartering an aircraft offers the best of both worlds to our clients. It allows our guests to enjoy the luxuries of private aviation without the financial commitment of ownership. Conversely, it provides our owners with an ever-present opportunity to generate return on their investment, by allowing Wing to charter their aircraft when not in use. Wherever you fall on the charter continuum, Wing makes it work best for you.

Fly at Your Leisure

24-7 Charter Service

Wing’s transcontinental fleet of private jets for charter is primed for a wide range of on-demand travel, from that corporate day trip to Dayton to your golf retreat in Glasgow. For business or pleasure, we offer service on standby to help you select the perfect aircraft for your needs and arrange every detail to your liking. We offer access to thousands of airports worldwide, allowing you to pinpoint the closest arrival possible to your final destination. We also enforce a strict confidentiality policy so that you may enjoy a safer, more secure environment for private meetings and conversation.

24-7 Charter Brokerage

Perhaps one of our fleet isn’t the right fit. Not to worry—we know people. A lot of people. The right ones. Bypass the independent charter brokers with limited resources and myopic focus. Rather than push the plane that provides the most kickbacks, Wing utilizes our extensive network and knowledge base to find you the right plane for the fair price—even if it’s not one of ours.


As soon as you say the word, our crew jumps into gear. The aircraft is de-hangared, security triple-checked, pilots alerted, itinerary prepared, operators cued, and red carpet unrolled.

Ready to book a private flight?

Confidence. Clarity. Control.
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