Wing Aviation's transcontinental fleet is primed for a wide range of on-demand travel. For business or pleasure, we are always on standby to help you select the perfect aircraft for your flight and arrange every detail to your travel needs. We offer access to thousands of airports worldwide, allowing you to pinpoint the closest arrival possible to your final destination.

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About On-Demand Private Jet Charter

On demand chartering is a service that allows you to rent a private jet on a one-time basis without the need for ownership or long-term commitment. An attractive option for those who value luxury and time, on demand private jet charter provides a level of flexibility and personalization not available with commercial airlines.

You choose your departure / arrival time and destination rather than arranging your schedule around an airline’s. No long lines, wait times or delays common with commercial flights. Instead, you can expect a premium travel experience tailored to your individual needs and preferences.

The Process How On-Demand Charter Flights Work

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Wing Aviation makes the process of chartering a jet on demand simple and convenient.

You contact us and tell us your itinerary, passenger count, and travel preferences. If you prefer to charter a specific aircraft, tell us. Our crew will schedule your flight plus catering, ground transportation, and any other special requests. At the scheduled time, you and your passengers arrive at our private terminal and board the aircraft. We will be waiting to welcome and assist you.

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